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Couscous, the most popular dish from Morocco and North Africa, is now appreciated worldwide.

 Historians have different opinions as to the origin of couscous. Some claim that couscous, like pasta, originated from China; while others trace its origin to East Africa. However the most plausible evidence points to a North African origin. Indeed, archaeological evidence dating back to the 9th Century and consisting of kitchen utensil needed to prepare this dish was found in this part of the world.

In the 11th century, the Arabo-Islamic conquest helped disseminate couscous to all around the North-African region. Economic growth and the development of wheat farming both accelerated this expansion.
Thus couscous was brought to Andalusia, and the Mediterranean perimeter. Even the 16th century French writer François Rabelais was able to appreciate the taste of "Coscoton à la Moresque" in Provence. South America became acquainted with couscous as well, through the Portuguese community who emigrated from Morocco.

The expansion of couscous continued during the 20th century, driven by large waves of migration from North Africa to various European countries and especially France, where this dish became very popular . In fact, many surveys reveal that couscous is second preferred dish among the French.

Now a dish of international renown, couscous is the ambassador of North African cuisine and the epitome of the delicacy of Moroccan culinary art. With its rich tradition, couscous remains one of the most attractive and mysterious dishes in the world.

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