Dari brand

DARI has an excellent brand reputation in the couscous and pasta sector both in Morocco and internationally, where the brand is growing in popularity.

Through its image of high quality, authenticity and innovative capacity, DARI is one of Morocco's most renowned brands.

Dari.... a socially committed leading brand

Dari is the leading brand in its category in Morocco and the preferred brand of consumers with a national market share exceeding 50% in Morocco (Source: Nielsen Morocco 2018).
Dari is also a brand that is very committed to social, sporting and cultural development through its sponsorship and patronage actions.

Dari... an innovative brand

Innovation is at the heart of DARI's company, where a research and development unit has been set up with the aim of continuously improving methods and procedures and proposing new innovative products.

DARI's R&D efforts made it possible to launch a world exclusive barley couscous (Belboula) in 2001, which was a resounding success, as well as corn couscous (Baddaz)

Innovation at DARI is also reflected in the launch of export-oriented product ranges such as the ready-to-use couscous dedicated to certain international markets:

Most recently, DARI has exclusively launched the first organic couscous made from organic farming certified according to the Moroccan and European organic standards.


Dari... an international brand

DARI is Morocco's leading exporter of couscous with a presence in more than 45 countries on 5 continents.

DARI is one of the very few Moroccan brands to be listed in the main distribution chains in Europe. DARI is also present in grocery stores in Europe, the Americas and Asia.


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