Quality & certifications

Quality is one of the most important pillars of DARI's management and development policy. It is seen at all levels of the company and unites all employees.

Our total commitment to the quality and food safety of our products is a fundamental responsibility and priority for DARI COUSPATE. This commitment is expressed in the implementation of a strict quality policy aimed at continuous improvement and satisfaction of DARI's customers and partners, in particular through:

- The development and implementation of quality management systems to ensure that the company is managed with a focus on customer satisfaction.
- Implementation of HACCP approach and implementation of best practices in terms of quality, hygiene and food safety.
- Full traceability of finished products through the identification of each production batch.
- Audits of suppliers and systems follow-up and implementation of control and monitoring plans
- Compliance with regulations, particularly in terms of food quality and safety, finished product labelling, etc.
- Implementation of a service dedicated to consumers and customers

DARI's quality and food safety management systems have been certified according to the following standards:



DARI COUSPATE is also certified by Ecocert for the manufacture and marketing of organic products in order to offer its customers products that comply with organic farming methods:  

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